SOL#22 picture day

One of the worst days of my life ever is picture day. Why because I hate pictures and I don’t really like dressing all fancy only once in a great while. I usually I just dress normally. And I really don’t like pictures trust me. And whene I take the picture theirs this huge flash of light and it’s so annoying. I could literally name an entire list why I hate picture day. And I always look the same since kindergarten. Comment down below do you like picture day?

SOL#21 my first day of fifth grade

My first day of fifth grade I was so excited and I waited all summer. But then whene I went into the classroom I felt a huge not in my stomach. I was so nervous that I could barley talk. Usually the first week   Of school I really don’t talk to anybody. That much but then I start to get use to them and I talk a lot more. So back to the first day I saw a lot of people just staring at me and I froze in fear I was so scared. Comment down below how was your first day of fifth grade.

SOL#20 my name

So my name is not an everyday name I guess. and most people think it’s spelled with  and e but it’s spelled with and a. Most people say it wrong but some people say it right. I asked my mom were she got my name from and she said a baby book of names. And she picked one that was not commen. Comment down below were did you get your name from?

SOL#19 the preamble

The preamble was pretty hard to learn because their was a lot of words you had to say. So I practiced a lot and then I finally learned it.  I was so confused whene I first saw the words. Now their easy now that I learned the preamble.Comment down below if it was hard for you to learn?

SOL#18 kindergarten

My first day of kindergarten I was pretty scared. I barley talked to anybody. I always on the first day just look at people but don’t talk. But then I start getting use to them. So I met people on my first day. Thier was this girl she would always cry whene her mom left. And I felt bad for her because I missed my mom to. Comment down below do you like kindergarten?

SOL#13 my favorite dog

My favorite dog is the German Shepherd. Because I like whene their little they are so cute. And I also like whene their older as well. Because their good guard doges and their used for a lot of different things. Like whene somebody’s blind,and police dogs. And  their good at sniffing things. And their fast runners. They also have saved a lot of people’s lives. Their also army dogs. And how their good at sniffing at the airport they sniff peoples bags and see if they have bombes in thier bag. They also are very playful. And that’s why thier my favorite dog. Comment down below what’s your favorite dog?

SOL#11 going swimming

One day and my family and freinds went to a swimming pool. Then we all put our bathing suites. Then we went swimming. So first we went into the pool that was really cold but once you get use to it it’s not that cold anymore. So we were playing marco polo and tag. We played that for a long time then the slide opened up. Then at that moment I was so scared. But their was a lot of stairs and it was so cold but then whene you feel the hot water on the slide. It feels so good. And you go down the slide pretty fast and the last thing I know I’m in the water. And whene I touch the water it goes warm to cold. Comment down below have you gone down a water slide before?